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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Portrait® Plasma Skin Regeneration

Plasma Skin Regeneration (PSR) is effective in reducing the look of fine lines and deep wrinkles, treating sun-damaged skin, improving skin elasticity and texture, improving acne scars and tightening skin that can be used to treat an entire face or a specific area and works on a variety skin types.

It works by sending energy transfers deep into the skin tissue causing a growth in collagen that in turn improves the contours of the face. Over time the changes intensify and the appearance becomes more dramatic and visible. The whole process (in the doctor’s office) takes 30 minutes or less for a whole face treatment or 5-10 minutes for localised treatments.

Plasma energy is delivered deep into the dermis while leaving the skin’s surface intact for several days following treatment. As the new skin emerges the old skin will start to shed. With less trauma than ablative procedures, healing is rapid. Recovery time is minimal and easily tolerated, while improvements are dramatic and long lasting.

Plasma Skin Regeneration

Plasma Skin Regeneration

A patient can have the procedure and seven days later return to their normal activities. Make-up can also be worn at day seven. Over time you will continue to see improvements as the plasma energy continues to work beneath the skin’s surface creating the right conditions and natural growth factors for creating new collagen. Downtime is minimal and clinical studies show that the improvements you see following your treatment will become even more dramatic over time.

The results are comparable to aggressive laser resurfacing but the downtime is dramatically reduced. It keeps working, stimulating collagen production that has a unique matrix and improving increasing elastin for up to one year with continued improvement to the skin.

Who should have Plasma Skin Regeneration (PSR)?
*Anyone looking for a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, and a combination result of improved skin texture and tighter skin
*Individuals seeking a complexion free of enlarged pores
*Individuals seeking to remove pre-cancerous lesions
*Anyone seeking to repair photo-damage and improve the appearance of age spots, or hyper-pigmentation
*Someone considering Lasersurgery, facelift, chemical peel or other surgical treatments.
*Individuals wanting to reduce acne scarring
*A Portrait® pilot study on acne scars showed significant improvement; expanded study is currently under investigation

What makes Portrait® different from other available treatments?
Portrait® is unique in that treatment causes regeneration to occur beneath the skin surface and the outer layer protects the skin beneath while the regeneration occurs. Portrait® provides the necessary growth factors to allow new tissue to generate while reducing current wrinkles and surface problems.

You get the benefits and results consistent with more aggressive laser treatments, but with the convenience and safety of a non-laser device. Depending on the degree of the problem and the amount of improvement desired, the treatment can be catered to suit one's problem and lifestyle. You will see improvements in skin texture, tone, colour, and fine lines with a single higher-level treatment that has significantly less recovery than the weeks of downtime associated with more aggressive lasers. In addition, Portrait® can be used to treat specific areas such as wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.

PSR tools

Plasma Skin Regeneration tool

What does the procedure feel like and how long does it take?
During plasma skin resurfacing you can expect to feel a warm sensation as the plasma energy reaches into your skin layers.

Though PSR is relatively pain-free, a topical anaesthetic is applied to the face before the procedure begins. As with most cosmetic procedures, the number of treatments is varied. Depending on the amount of skin you want to treat, the condition of the skin and the degree of results you wish to see, you might have between 1 and 4 separate treatments.

During treatment, the doctor will pass a specialised handpiece over the targeted area; the tool itself never touches the skin. Plasma energy is evenly released across the epidermis, and collagen regeneration begins almost immediately.

What should I expect following treatment?
After treatment the patient will have a post-operative ointment applied to the treated area. Patients will reapply the ointment to keep the treated area moistened as the treated area will not be washed for the first 24 hours. A mild cleanser will then be used 2-3 times daily to cleanse the treated area with the post-op ointment re-applied. This regimen is repeated through the seventh day when the process will be complete. At that time shedding of the outer layer of skin will be complete leaving new skin in its place. Some patients may experience some localised redness after treatment. After the skin sheds, this redness will lighten over time. Any patient discomfort has been described as minimal to nil.

Keep in mind that the skin can take from 2 days to over a week to completely heal and be accepting of make-up applications.

With low levels of treatment mild flaking and redness will usually occur and last for several days. With more intensive treatment the outer layer of skin will brow and shed within 3 to 5 days. Once the skin heals completely, you will continue to see changes in the appearance over the course of a year.

What kind of improvements can I expect to see?
Soon after treatment your skin appears tighter and more toned. You will see improvements in skin texture, tone and reduction in wrinkles. However, one of the most striking and unique advantages of Plasma Resurfacing is that it stimulates a natural process of regeneration, producing results that progressively improve over time. New healthier collagen growth will improve contours and enhance your overall appearance. Clinical studies show that this improvement progression continues for at least one year after treatment.

before after photo

Plasma Skin Regeneration Before and After

Is the procedure safe or any side effects?
Portrait® plasma skin regeneration has demonstrated an excellent safety profile in clinical studies. It has not shown protracted periods of downtime, scarring, hypo-pigmentation, or prolonged hyper-pigmentation associated with other light or ablative laser treatments. It is also easier to use and control than chemical peeling agents. Of course, patients will want to protect their new skin when enjoying the outdoors with a good sunscreen product with a high UVA/UVB block.

Depending on the level of treatment, your skin may experience redness and flaking, or, at higher levels of treatment, the outer layer of skin may turn brown and shed three to five days after treatment. Once this occurs, the redness of the regenerated skin will last for two to three days. On darker skin, the localised redness may appear as a darker spot that lightens over time. The risks and downtime associated with this procedure are significantly less than those of traditional laser peels.

What is the cost of Portrait® Skin Regeneration treatments?
Treatment costs vary from physician to physician and the number of treatments required. As a guide, a full face, high-energy treatment could cost around $4000. A full face, low energy treatment could cost around $1500 per treatment. Localised treatments of the upper lip or eye area could cost around $1500.
Please ask your doctor for further information.


Love love love love love love love love LOVE Luella.

Add one of these gigantic string of pearls, and you churn out a piece of art - YOU!

How utterly exciting is all of that? Put together with a blazer or even a t-shirt would make you look (and probably feel) fabulous. A tad late but - Luella had, by far and in my opinion, the best accessories that I spotted on the runway!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Carter's - Part 1 - Visual Development

Took a break from some other pieces I'm working on and decided to take a shot at the carter's Art Project PDF I received the other day. The idea was to pick 4 animals and do 3 variations of each, I did a pig, fox, hedgehog, and hamster. Definitely a fun experience and very calming :]

Spelling Bee-atch: Talking Heads “Brûléeing” Down the House

Well, possums, them Bravo folks cain’t seem ta spell them damn furrin Eyetaleean and Frenchie words. And they sure do seem averse to hyphens, too.

At this rate, we are crossing our fingers and waiting for the day when they leave the second “i” out of the name of Jeff McInnis’ restaurant.

Ah, the Dildo Club.

And while we’re on the subject of Jeff McInnis, why is it that Jeff gets the “c” in his last name capitalized, whereas the first “i” in Rocco DiSpirito’s name is lower case?

Amuse-Biatch Has a Gail Time: Two More Reasons Why Gail Simmons' Husband Is a Very Lucky Man

Using “Mirroring” Technique, Former Anita Bryant Employee Kathie Lee Gifford Reflects Our Reaction Whenever We Are Unlucky Enough to Catch "Today"

Confidential to Jeff McInnis: Try Cinnamon in Your Diet

Carmela Soprano Does New Jersey Proud

Special Guest Blogger: Bevy Smith's "Dinner With Bevy" and The Gilt Groupe

Hey Lovelies!
Today you're in for a treat: an extra special guest blog by Breaking into Fashion subject and diva extraordinaire Bevy Smith!!
Bevy recently joined forces with the Gilt Groupe to throw a dinner bash with some of my hometown's finest (including a couple of the Real Housewives!!!). Want the scoop? Read below:
When Gilt Groupe, the exclusive online sample sale site, asked if I would host a "Dinner With Bevy" in Atlanta, I was a bit leery. Folks said "they will either RSVP and not show up, or show up dressed inappropriately, dripping in logos!" The naysayers were wrong: Atlanta truly put on for their city!
From David Banner (my heartthrob) beyond dapper in a Polo Ralph Lauren Purple Label suit to model Cynthia Bailey in a vintage Genny suit, this was one gorgeous crowd!
Yes, the Atlanta Housewives were there, and Lisa and Sherree represented fabulously. Sherree wasn't at all the "Diva." She showed up “gorge” in an aubergine DVF knit dress! Sherree and I bonded and we plan on hanging this Fall at New York Fashion Week. Lisa charmed all the guests with her down to earth spirit (and you already know she was "booed up" with hot hubby, Ed).Lisa and Ed weren't the only sexy couple there: we also had Nicole Ari Parker and Boris Kodjoe. Nicole was divine and I couldn't look at her husband for fear of staring and catching a beat down!!We couldn't have a fashion dinner in Atlanta without inviting Mychael Knight from "Project Runway"! He was so cute with his patent leather bow-tie! While we were hugging he sniffed my neck and asked what fragrance I was wearing. Chile, I was in such a frenzy I was wearing nothing but anxiety. Mychael gave me a bottle of his new fragrance, Majk, and I received compliments all night, especially from hunky singer/songwriter Sean Garrrett.Sean's hard at work on his CD for Interscope Records and apologized for not being his usual uber-chic self. Sean, when you have a body like yours, clothes don't matter!One of the highlights of the night was meeting "It Girl" Keri Hilson! She didn't disappoint showing up in a Rojas tartan plaid skirt, Envy turtleneck, and a divine Carol Van Wyck vintage belt with Betsey Johnson patent leather boots.Thanks to Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Alexis Maybank the owners of Gilt Groupe for allowing me to invite my Atlanta friends! I know Claire already invited you to Gilt Groupe, but just in case you missed her invitation, I'm inviting you as well! Log on to to peruse a few of their fabulous fashionable items.
I can't believe Bevy and Sherree hit it off! Homegirl did look kind of fly...
And that was fabulous! Did you love our guest blogger?
Read more about the "Dinner with Bevy" series here.

Breaking News: Fabio Viviani Cleared of All Accusations of False Modesty; No Verdict Yet on Charge of False Advertising

For what it’s worth, possums, we think he is but a mere pony in comparison with the real stallion, Il Colicchio.

Which, we suppose, makes Rocco DiSpirito a gelding.

Amuse-Biatch Night Vision: In Stills from Unaired Episode of “Oz,” We Learn Who Takes the Top Bunk in the Pretty Boy Cell

Or do we really?

Obama to Wear Hart Schaffner Marx to the Inaugural Ball

WWD reports that President Obama will wear a tuxedo by Hart Schaffner Marx to the inaugural ball:
A few suit looks from
1. Navy Windowpane Suit, $350. 2. Black & White Glen Plaid Suit, $695. 3. Black w/ Rust Stripe Suit, $398.
Forget Dwight and his overpriced custom suits! Nene should've taken Brice to Hart Schaffner Marx! (Yes, everything ties back to the Real Housewives of Atlanta).
Scope a cute suit for your boo here.
Don't get the Nene/Dwight Reference?
Watch this:

Did I mention how mad I am that I can't get full episodes in France?!?! Bravo, get it together!

Hoot For The Moon

Cara Massacre

Hoot Flush

Aiden M

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mail Bombs: Kerry Washington's Missoni, Gabrielle's Black Dress, and Angela Simmons' Red Carpet Look!

Only a few more Fridays left in the year...
...Il faut en profiter!
First, Jennifer says, "I will be in a friend's wedding in March and I recently spotted Kerry Washington in a super cute dress..."
"... I would love to know where I can get it or a reasonably priced version. Also, do you think this would be appropriate for the rehearsal dinner?"
Hey! Rehearsal dinners call for a slightly dressy look, and I think this frock definitely fits the bill. Kerry is rocking this lovely Missoni creation...
...but you can get a similar look by adding a belt to any of these maxis:
1. Sweet Pea Black floral mesh ring halter maxi dress, $70. 2. Vince Women's Ikat Maxi Printed Dress, $150. 3. Tibi Printed Maxi Dress, $235.
If those don't work, you still have some time. Wait to see what this year's spring stock brings closer to the wedding day.
Next, Sherly says, "Can you PLEASE find me something like the dress our girl Gabby wore to the Grand Opening of Fontainbleau at Miami Beach?"
Get her look with these:
1. Black Halo Belted Ruffle Mini Dress, $375. 2. Valentino Black, Belted Deep V-Neck Dress, $850. 3. Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent Cape Sleeve Dress, $180.
Next, Michelle was inspired by yesterday's Simmons Style File, and sent in a request for Angela's strapless dress:
She says, "I love this look for the holidays!"
Mimic her strapless steeze with this $325 Betsey Johnson Burnout Stripe Dress:
Now we have a few wardrobe queries!
Lois says, "It's my 25th birthday in a couple of weeks and I'm going out with friends. I live in a VERY cold city, and it's always hard to find something cute to wear that I won't freeze to death in. I am a little over 6 ft tall, and I wear a size 0/2. I would like to wear a party dress that is not black, or a tank and party skirt. Any suggestions on shoes/ booties would be GREAT! As far as price, I would like to be under $150 for the whole outfit. The cheaper, the better!"
Adriana says, " Happy early birthday! With your height and frame, you can pull off virtually anything. Try pairing some of these dresses and shoes for a warm, colorful, yet affordable look:"
1.Elizabeth and James Scarlett Dress, $110. 2.LaROK Janis Shawl Dress (shawl included), $114. 3. LaROK Blondie Sequined Shift Dress, $85 paired with this shrug for warmth. 4. Newport News Satin Bootie, $29. 5.Victoria's Secret Patent Oxford Bootie, $42. 6.Aldo Magaly Bootie, $50.
Mari got in touch looking for a bit of guidance with a male coworker. She says, "We all know we have those Secret Santa exchange ordeals at work, so can The Fashion Bomb help a sista out? Secret Santa Profile - Male 18-20 /// Hip-Hop Urban Style /// Requesting a Tee-Shirt /// Under $30."
Here are a few options:
1. Southpole Men's Ollie Master Raw Cut, $25. 2. Rocawear Double Roc T-Shirt, $24. 3. Okay Player Speaker Box T, $12. 4. LRG The Frozen Circuits Tee, $26. 5. Akademiks Soul Slub Better T, $17. 6. Schmack the Capital Tee, $16.
Lastly, Keisha says, "I came across these Guess? "Banana" Pumps at Macys and they are pure hotness!!"
"... I want to purchase them soo badly, but I don't even know what to pair them with! As a college student, I am always careful about things I buy...could you help me find something? My price range for a dress would be about $300 or so."
Adriana says, "Since the shoes stand out a lot on their own, choose a dress that's just as chic but a bit more low-key:"
1. Rachel Pally Alexis Dress, $224. 2. Diane von Furstenberg Lionel Dress, $195. 4. Tibi Chelsea Sweater Dress, $195.
That's all for today. Check back this afternoon for a special guest blogspot!
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