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Saturday, January 17, 2009

mei hua or plum blossoms

The florist shops are often the first places for a Chinese mother to go to before Chinese New Year.

This huge red plum blossom arrangement costs a bomb. It welcomes you at the Cinta Florist Shop in Mega Tower Miri. The Foochow lady owner allowed me to take a photo of it. Later I told her I was not going to buy it but I have a photo of it and that was enough. Well she gave me a smile.

This has been my plum blossom arrangement at home for the last 18 years. Very simple and now very old I need to throw it out after the new year as I have promised my children. At least they have made me happy for quite a while. I used to have about 5 branches but slowly the flowers dropped off over the years and these are all I have this year. Plastic flowers from Hong Kong actually became a craze after Li Ka Shing the most brilliant Chinese entrepreneur in the world became the owner of the Cheong Kong Company. His factory manufactured plastic flowers which were so real that they became much sought after in Asia and in other parts of the world. So we should be very thankful to this exceptional entrepreneur especially for the plastic plum blossoms in our living room.

This is my blue and white porcelain with plum blossom motif.

Lovely white plum blossoms.

What do plum blossoms remind you of? What thoughts do you have when you see them? I have plenty of thoughts in my head.

Plum blossoms are lovely on Chinese new year cards and ang pow envelopes. They just remind us of Spring and cheerfulness (even though when we were younger we did not have any idea what spring was like in China). They announce the coming of spring and happiness. And they remind me that the earth is once again alive and goodness can only come out of nature.

If you remember Titoni watches are also called Mei Hua Brand watches. Many Foochow brides wore a Titoni watch on their wedding day in the 60's and 70's. I am wondering whether I could find a Titoni watch that I like and buy one for my next big birthday! The Foochows really value this brand. So I often wonder whether it is the plum blossom which is very relevant to the Chinese that says it all or the true quality of the watch. Politicians often talk about branding these days.

A very infamous name in Chinese is the Mei Poison which is the pseudonym for venereal disease. People referred to this sickness in whispers behind doors when I was a child. Today I am glad we talk openly about STD in classrooms and in public workshops. I am not sure how many people today refer STD as Plum Blossom Sickness.

This new year as in the past few years I will just send images of plum blossoms to all my friends and loved ones for a change. But it is a first for me to write about it in my blog.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Valentine's day wallpaper

Cafe Sketches

Some cafe sketches from the past couple of weeks

Magazines and Bookstores

I have been a voracious reader all my life.

At the end of each year I have to make a decision whether to continue subscribing to my women's magazines which have gradually become ultra expensive. But then like a bad habit at the beginning of the year I will wait eagerly to receive the first edition of the new year! I really need that magazine fix!! I think I will have a bad cold turkey withdrawal syndrome if I have to stop subscribing to my women's magazines this year.

Today I have the opportunity to reflect on the several magazines which have helped me through thick and thin. Through good times and bad times. And perhaps I have to make an assessment on whether I should continue to subscribe or not as a pensioner. But then of course I can always read the magazine on-line. But it is not the same. Print media is still the way to go.

Woman's Day is a cheerful and sensible magazine. A magazine like this has been definitely helpful. In the early days of Siku women did not have counsellors and helpful centres to help them in any way. So women's magazines help them solve their problems in one way or another or to add to their knowledge.

The Ladies Home Journal is another helpful magazine which offers many features including topics on marriage and even lovely stories about pets and animals. It introduces me to new books and new ideas.

I get LHJ from a local bookstore where the girls recognise me over the years and at one time even the then manager of the bookstore would come out to greet his customers with a great smile. However as times become harder and harder and our society goes into recession customer service is probably going downhill or may be as a senior citizen I am not enjoying better service now. Or have I become more "difficult"? But I would rather think that I am a very gracious customer with good communication skills. (LOL) May be I am just an old timer who lives in another world of great old style

Good Housekeeping is a good companion for me. There are a lot of up to date articles and this is one magazine which helps me to think well. It provides a balanced view of the world. I am glad that I have been reading it all these years.

Actually I started my life as a "woman warrior" from the time I picked up my first issue of Woman and Home in Sibu when it was made available by the Rejang Bookstore.

The shortage of good English books and magazines could be due to many reasons - lack of readership and the dominance of mother tongues like Chinese and Malay. But personally I believe it is also the outlook and leadership of a society that determines what bookstores carry.

The Rejang Bookstore's owner is a Nanyang University graduate and he obviously had his leaning towards eastern culture and eastern books. In his endeavour to perpectuate the Chinese culture he does not necessarily carry many English books. However he did sell W and H for a long long time until he found it too expensive to bring it to his news stand. I stopped reading the magazine for a while but recently I manage to pick up one or two from here and there. It is a delight to read this magazine which has great values and articles with great common sense. I wish to think that it has impacted me in many ways as a thinking woman. Reading a magazine like W and H only brings Marshall Mcluhan's "the world is a global village" to ring more true today than in the 1960's. (McLuhan also prophesized the demise of the print media in his writing.)

Upon reflection I would like to say that a library and even a bookshop sales girl can help a child to enjoy reading for the rest of her life.

I would like to thank the first library teacher I had in my life Miss Rebecca Reyes who taught me how to locate books and appreciate books (she got us to "wrap" books with transparent plastic book covers in the school library for long hours!)

A proud business woman or man owner of a bookstore could just put a child off from a life or adventure and even happiness through books and magazines.

What a difference a person can make to a child! Here's a New Year toast to more Miss Rebecca Reyes in the world!

Friday Video Tribute: Aaliyah

Today is eternal pop princess Aaliyah's birthday... strange, it seems like only yesterday we were jammin to her hits.
Here's an Aaliyah viddy, still one of my favorite songs to this day:


Memery Sketch part Deux

Went out with Patrick again yesterday to the Fox Hills Mall for some more lunchtime sketching fun. Spotted this older lady with a crazy hair-do walking rather slowly with a walking cane gettin a cup o' joe...she was a perfect subject for our memory sketch. Here is my take.
Since I have to get back to working right after my lunch break, what I like to do to get as much of the details fresh in my memory down on paper is try to get some quick roughs done, then take those home and do a finished piece on my own time. Here are some of my roughs for her.

For the Simmons Sisters: Copyright Infringement?

According to, the Simmons sisters are being accused of ripping t-shirt designs from another t-shirt line called Johnny Cupcakes:

I guess a trip to court could make an interesting episode on Daddy's Girls, huh?
I clearly can't get the show over it any good?

Great Picks from the Gilt Groupe

Fashion Bomb Sponsor Gilt Groupe has some amazing picks today from Helmut Lang, Just Cavalli and more:

Top Row: Helmut Lang Wool Open Back Dress, $138; Helmut Lang Jersey Dolman Top, $88. Bottom Row: Just Cavalli Giraffe Print Bubble Sleeve Dress; Just Cavalli Jersey Belt Dress, $228.
Join Gilt by going to

Hairstylist Ted Gibson for Target

Nitrolicious reports that Ted Gibson, celebrity hairstylist to stars like Debra Messing and more, will debut a range of affordable beauty products for Target:
Apparently his cuts typically cost $950 a pop, so a diffusion line was in order! The article says, "Gibson’s product range includes his daily shampoo and conditioner, Daily Cleanse and Daily Nourish; a shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair, Clarity Color, and three style items from the It series: Build It Blowdrying Agent, Fix It Gel and Tame It Shine Lotion — which are formulated with his Merlot Complex for shine and movement — and Beautiful Hold hair spray. His other items, including the iconic Hairsheet, are now sold at Prices for Gibson’s items range from $22.99 to $24.99."
Hmm, you learn a new thing everyday! I'd never heard of Ted Gibson before today, had you?

Mail Bombs: Garcelle's Tracy Reese Dress, Nene's Plaid Shirt, and Alicia Keys' Jumpsuit!

We've got lots of *great* intern applicants, and I can't wait for the contest next week! I'm super excited, but of course we must make time for Mail Bombs...
...let's go!
First Ollie says, "I love the dress that Garcelle Beavais-Nilon had on at a recent In Style event..."
"...Can you tell me who makes it????"
Yup! Garcelle is wearing this floral Tracy Reese frock...
The designer herself wore it at the conclusion of her Spring 2009 RTW show.
Shana says, "I just saw this photo shoot of Nene by the very talented Derek Blanks, but all I could really focus on was this plaid shirt..."
"...Please help me find it, I NEED it...or at the very least want it really bad. :-)"
Nene better work! Adriana searched and said, "I couldn't find NeNe's exact shirt, and searched several sites... The closest I could find was this $36 American Living Ruffled Plaid Shirt...."
"...from" Hey, it's similar and for $36, it's a steal!
Next, Alissa says, "I love Alicia Keys' Black & White jumpsuits..."
"...Can you please help me find similar looks?"
Of course. Try these high and low priced items for a stage ready presence:

1. Robert Rodriguez V-Neck Jumpsuit, $363. 2. Arden B Knit Tube Jumpsuit, $68. 3. Black Halo Strapless Stretch Jumpsuit, $450. 4. Stella McCartney Twill Halter Jumpsuit, $995.
Now for a few wardrobe queries!
First, Suai says, "I'm wearing this dress for a big event..."
"I had to return the shoes to my stylist, so I'd like to know what shoe to wear instead. Also, should I go with opaque stockings again? Or something more sheer? I'm lost when it comes to dressy looks!!"
Adriana says, "If you want to give the look a chic, hipster edge, keep the opaque black tights and opt for a streamlined black platform shoe, preferably with an ankle strap to mirror the form-fitting silhouette of the pencil skirt. Try these two-textured options from Gucci and RSVP:"

Left to Right: Gucci Eva Platform, $447; RSVP Tate Platform, $72
"To channel your inner siren (think Beyonce at a cocktail party), go for bare legs and a sexy, pointy-toed pump in a dark red (distinct enough for pop of color, but not so bright where it will overwhelm the outfit):"
Khadijah says, "I'm having a dilemma with purses. I have my work purse, purses to take to clubs, bars, and restaurants, but I don't have a casual purse for going to the movies, brunch, going to the mall, or just hanging out. Could you show me some casual, affordable bags in a few different sizes or styles???? I'm going to see "Notorious" this weekend--I want to look!!"
Gotta stay fly! Here are a few medium sized affordable options, fit for the movies and the mall:

1. Anya Hindmarch for Target Small Python Hobo Bag, $25. 2. Nine West Metallic Slouchy Hobo, $60. 3. Express Genuine Suede Fringe Hobo, $79.50 4. Deux Lux Doublecross Bag, $68. 5. Kenneth Cole Aim to Pleats Bag, $104.
Lastly, Suzy says, "I am throwing an old Hollywood party for my 21st birthday at B.B. Kings. I need a vintage inspired outfit that will stand out but is still recession conscience. Can you please help?"
I'd recommend going for a flapper look for old Hollywood! Try these options, which are recession friendly and under $150:

1. Royal Blue Flapper Dress, $72. 2. French Connection Beaded One Shoulder Flapper Dress, $120. 3. Silence & Noise Knit Bead Flapper Dress, $55. 4. Armani Exchange Fringe Mini Dress, $79.
That does it!
Be sure to tune in on Monday for our First Intern Challenge!
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